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Norfield Children's Center aims to provide a warm, safe and, educational place for your child to grow. We provide our students with learning experiences that build upon each other.

Our creative and play-based curriculum offers teachers daily opportunities to individualize instruction to meet the needs of every type of learner while addressing each learning domain throughout the day. We provide a balanced program with promotion of hands-on learning, with children experiencing both dynamic indoor and outdoor activities.



Norfield Children's Center aims to provide a warm, safe and, educational place for your child to grow. We provide our students with learning experiences that build upon each other.

We believe that childhood is a magical time. Your child's journey at Norfield is treated with the utmost respect. Our youngest learners are in the exciting stage of life where everything is about them. Which is a perfect fit, because we believe everything is about them from our perspective as well! Each child is catered to as we focus on the current stage of development that is being experienced.


This class is designed around a two-year-old's incredible need to touch and feel the world around them. Our teachers facilitate experiences in an environment designed to make a toddler feel comfortable. The first separation from the familiar adults in each one's life is a key step in the development of every child. We are here to help your child be successful with that first big step toward independence.

Norfield's Twos classes meet for three hours two times a week on Thursday and Friday 8:45-11:45am.



We offer two excellent opportunities to engage your child in this rewarding school experience. The 3-Day Threes meet Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday mornings from 9am to 12pm. The 5-Day Threes meet every weekday morning at the same time. Your three-year-old is ready to engage more fully in a group setting. Circle time, snack and group activities allow students to work on some social behaviors within a safe and encouraging environment. Learning how to positively interact with peers is a big focus throughout the year, and our teachers gently guide by modeling, mediating and reinforcing those skills.

When we discuss education of the Whole Child, we mean that we approach every facet of your child's learning. Each content area is taught through cognitive, large and fine motor, social/emotional, and creative activities, allowing your child to get this information in a variety of ways and process it more thoroughly. Some areas the Threes explore throughout the year include: 

  • Animals

  • Friendship

  • Self

  • Seasons

  • Weather

  • Nature

  • Shapes

  • Nursery Rhymes



The magic of childhood continues as your child reaches four years of age. The wonder of curiosity takes over as the mind soaks in all sources of information. Your child is heading toward Kindergarten, and there are many key skills that will help them stride through those doors with confidence. Norfield provides lots of opportunities to develop and improve these skills. Facing new challenges, social growth, self-help skills, pre-reading and exploring concrete math concepts are just a few of the ways your child will be getting ready. This is an amazing year of growth for children, and we will help your child navigate that growth at an individualized, comfortable pace.

We will build on the skills and concepts that your child has already learned, relating new information to concepts they are familiar with. Some areas that our Four classes focus on include:


  • Fire Safety

  • Family

  • Community

  • Other Cultures

  • Earth Science

  • Role-playing

  • Poetry and Rhymes

  • Physical Science

  • Counting

  • Art Appreciation

  • Whole Language

Norfield's Four's classes meet five days a week from 9am - 12pm.

Additional Programs

Early Drop-Off
Our programs start at 9am, however Norfield Children's Center opens at 7:30am as an optional early morning extension to the day for preschoolers and elementary students.


Lunch Bunch
Lunch Bunch is available to our Three's and Four's students as an extension to their preschool day, from 12pm to 2pm. Enrollment is customizable.


For 3 and 4 year olds, we also offer full-day care from 7:30am to 6pm, for complete parent flexibility.


Read about our afterschool program here.


Me & My MommyOffered as a FREE hour long class for newborns through age 2, our Me & My Mommy group is a parent-accompanied learning and explore time designed to allow your young child to play and socialize. Please call us for information about available dates and times.

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